Heidi Marks -OR

CEO Higher Standards, llc

President Timber Willliams Technologies, llc

Noah Wells - CO

Concentrates Expert

Charles M. Murphy-CO.

CBD Specialist

Nick Chimi - ME

Indoor Design and Maintenance, ABS Professor

Andrew Simmons - HI

Grow Equipment Specialist

Derek Haviland - PA

Director of Public Relations and
Event Production

Pu Tzu - CA

Director of Sales and Marketing

Arielle Glass B. -CA

Media Pychology & Canntiva Advisor

Samantha Savoca-CO

Canntiva Advisor,

Director of CBD Oil for Pets

Ashley Gale-CO

Promotions, Indoor Maintenance and Set Up,

Quality Control

Ryan Lay - CA

Large scale Indoor/Outdoor

Clone Specialist

Alex Stern - AZ

Real Estate and Regulations Specialist

Nathanial Thorne - D.C.

Sales and Promotions

Rachel Abrons - PA

NORML board member for 3 years, Director of Laws & Regulations


Dan Brandt - CO

Lab Regulation and Quality Control Engineer

Emily DePietro - PA

Graphic Design and Marketing, Canntiva Advisory Board

Chad Terrinoni - NY

HVAC Specialist

Patrick Smith- PA

Philadelphia Sales Associate, Canntiva Advisory Board

Jeffrey Ahrens - OR

Commercial Scale Outdoor Maintenance & Setup

Our team has a cumulative 300 years of experience in the cannabis industry.

"Our team specializes in all fields - not just pot fields."

Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise. Canntiva, Inc. is actively seeking out merger and acquisition candidates in the marijuana industry. Prospective candidates may contact us via phone or contact form.

We provide representation for an array of businesses we manage within the cannabis space.  We pride ourselves on growing businesses - large or small, that simply need to know how to proceed in today's cannabis market. 

Ron Lang- Me

Grow Site Construction, Development and Maintenance​

David Szish - NY

Hydroponics and 

Aquaponics Specialist

Kayla Kirk - OR

​Executive Assistant

Daniel Fitzgerald - CA

Indoor Design Specialist

Tyson Pulls - NV

Indoor Design & Setup, Nutrient Expert

Kelcy Dakota - NYC

Head of Sales & Marketing

Jason Vandervosser - PA

Chef and Edible Expert

We Promote and Support Progressive Cannabis Companies

Daniel Iannotte - OR

CEO Canntiva,inc 

Irie Co2  llc. Timber Williams llc

Alexandra Eachus-CA

Director of Promotions West Coast

Courtney Furlong -NYC

Vice President OF Life

Brent Fitzpatrick- PA

Events and Production Coordinator

Kristen Hillenbrand - CA

Production and Events Coordinator

Jesse LaRose - NY

Head of Security,

Indoor Set Up and Maintenance

Justin Wallace - NY

Vice President Sales and Marketing