The Life & History of Daniel Iannotte


Daniel Iannotte has been a successful entrepreneur and businessman for over thirty years, engaging in both classic and cutting edge sales spaces. It's his advocacy for sustainability that causes him to pursue business from an earth-first and humanitarian perspective. Dedicated to conscious living, organic farming, Ayurvedic practices, transcendental meditation and yoga, his notions of a symbiotic relationship between health and success were instilled young as a
result of an array of successful mentors. Iannotte was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey 5th in a family of five. The hardened landscape was fertile grounds, literally and metaphorically, for Iannotte’s growing understanding of people and the advocacy they require. In the wake of deregulation, he is thriving in the collision of his passion and profession.

From ages seven to fourteen, Iannotte handled vast paper routes, mowed every neighborhood lawn, and shoveled the snow in every driveway. By ten years old, Iannotte was employing his friends to shovel his driveways for ten dollars an hour, while he charged customers twenty. A few years later, cannabis came into his life, when, seeds that had purportedly been tossed out his smoking window grew into hearty cannabis plants. Iannotte allegedly stopped mowing the lawn and transplanted them into a far off wood in the garden state. By this time, Iannotte had become adept at transplanting, growing grass from scratch, fertilizing, pH balancing and all other garden activities that one without a green thumb considers trying. He soon became engrossed in architectural landscaping and design, primarily building patios, walkways, retaining walls, and installing and arranging shrubs conducive to the environment, in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.
During this time, Anthony SantoPietro (Tony), a second father to Iannotte, was a top ten salesmen for ten years at IBM. He was also a
wrestling coach, accounting teacher and cannabis farmer. After a day of landscaping Tony’s property, Iannotte was allegedly offered a joint and shown a large indoor grow operation.

It is presumed that that night Tony divulged to Iannotte that his grandfather, a tomato farmer from Italy, had given him the secrets to growing the best tomatoes. It only seemed appropriate that he now pass on his knowledge of cannabis to a young, green thumbed Iannotte. With Tony as a partner, Iannotte was making edibles and concentrates by fifteen. In 1991, at sixteen, he obtained Jack Herer and Northern Lights seeds from Amsterdam and begun cross- breeding. Before Iannotte’s eighteenth birthday he flew to California and got paid to set up professional greenhouses and indoor grow operations. However, these anecdotes have only been alleged. Many remember Iannotte’s cross-bred strains today. He is a true advocate, with a quest for the best. Having witnessed the strain of cancer and loved ones pass, he seeks safe access to medicine for all Americans.

Iannotte travelled along with The Grateful Dead from 1990-1995. Inside a Grateful Dead concert in 1994, Iannotte met Bob Snodgrass (father of glass pipes) and spent time with Mike Handley, a fellow glassblower. From Oregon, he traveled east with Handley to Providence, Rhode Island. This period incubated a passion for blowing glass that birthed various glass- based businesses from 1995-2001. While Iannotte is primarily self-
taught, his works are inspired by the best glassblowers on Grateful Dead tours, Phish tours and festivals in all four corners of the country, he managed booths selling his glass blown pipes, crystals, wine glasses, jewelry and perfume bottles.

Soon after leaving The Grateful Dead circuit in 1995, Tony offered Iannotte a job operating an indoor garden; under the condition he would also work full time elsewhere, in a suit and tie. Iannotte obtained a job at a car dealership in Plainfield, New Jersey. Within a few months he went from selling Chevys to Toyotas, to Porsches and Audis. He was then recruited by Ricoh to sell office equipment and attended Ricoh University to become a digital color specialist, and ultimately, a sales manager. He then took a position at Icon Office Solutions as a specialist in the Canon department, brokering high end printers. Iannotte’s studies were paying off and he became increasingly aware of his abilities to seamlessly close deals with charisma and authenticity.

While Iannotte was selling cars and getting into the office industry, he met a sales powerhouse known as Carla Stern who introduced him to others who had entered a genius zone of thought. He enjoyed lunches with Tony Robbins, Mario Cuomo, and Jim McCain of 1-800- flowers while attending sales oriented seminars. By this time Iannotte had already formed and headed P.L.U.R. Productions LLC: a party production company involved in renting venues that provided the most high tech set-ups. He personally booked global talentappropriate for target demographics and oversaw every aspect of sound, lighting, concessions, and ticket sales, all at the age of twenty- one. At this time, blowing glass was his passion, but he also read every sales book there was to read. All the while, he continued to maintain Tony’s large scale indoor garden.

At the age of twenty-three, Iannotte opened a head shop in Dover, Vermont while juggling raising his two daughters. He had four torches and twelve glassblowers blowing in shifts around the clock, and two tattoo artists within a retail store. A pioneer at the time, he created an environment where customers came in for custom body art and witnessed the making of a personal glass blown piece of art.

After four years of heavy glassblowing, he began to feel his creative passions burning out and turned to the real estate market and home remodeling. Iannotte had picked up electrical and plumbing knowledge auto didactically over the years, which allowed him to successfully remodel and flip several homes. In 2005, the housing market burst. Iannotte’s hard labor, life savings and monetary gains from real estate ventures quickly dissipated into nothing. He needed to rebuild and did, by returning to creative roots.

His green thumb and passion for art was reinstated. He held glass blowing demonstrations showcasing the makings of custom perfume bottles and wine glasses in a range of environments. For three years, he led demonstrations across the festival circuit, like Gathering of the
Vibes. Iannotte also taught at summer camps, Camp Cayuga and Camp Towanda in Pennsylvania’s Wayne County, as well as colleges such as Rutgers Ag (agricultural) Field Day. Iannotte has since attended 150 Grateful Dead shows and over 300 Phish shows, while managing festival booths, which have provided him with a rolodex of promotional force multipliers.

Since 1987, Iannotte has become focused on the cannabis industry. An ENFP, he is adept in delegating and communicating with people with an unparalleled authenticity and heart. His observant nature has given him insight into an array of demographics, including the rising millennial generation. He now applies these observations to the needs of the cannabis industry. Iannotte strives to be a catalyst for the betterment of society, evident in his professed love for all living things. With a startling amount of energy and love bursting from the heart he wears on his sleeve, Iannotte is always the first on a new train of thought. Most of his cognition is done through a big picture filter, falling in line with an affinity for advocacy that involves identifying mass solutions and possibilities. Having practiced earth-
first, organic farming all his life, he pursues long term solutions, devoid of detrimental aftershocks. This forward thinking has propelled a thirst for knowledge and progression within society, Iannotte envisions a world wherein people who suffer from various ailments are able to receive cannabis with the genetics they need.

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