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Canntiva's founder, Daniel Iannotte, is a medicinal cannabis patient/consultant. Consulting is available for a variety of sects in the industry, thanks to Canntiva's diverse team of specialists. Canntiva's most recent projects include app development and the publishing of cannabis literature for his upcoming Budtending School. He offers years of experience and expert, professional, and personal advice for a fair price. 

The CEO of Weedemojis.com crosses the high roads and gets to the silly side.

  The cannabis counterculture is fading out and mass culture is assembling, for a ride towards deregulation, but with what vehicle to support it? Daniel Iannotte wants to carry this weight of the cannabis world with a smile. He sees a generational gap in communications within the cannabis industry and is filling it with an amicable and personal approach to sharing experiences of and gratitude for cannabis online. 

     “Weedemojis.com  began as just something humorous. It makes people laugh and stoners need emojis too,” Iannotte flippantly says, but not before pausing to say more seriously, that it is, indeed, bigger. “This generation requires a fully functioning social media platform that addresses a growing mass media and pop-culture that revolves around cannabis as a health and wellness entity.” 

   Iannotte has been working with and around cannabis for almost three decades. A creative spirit, he spent his formidable years blowing glass sculptures. “I made marbles for months before making my first pipe” he says. Like his first marbles, these green faced emojis, are perfect in their simplicity and expression, but more stunningly, intricate entities of something greater. For many cannabis users, weed, pot, marijuana-whatever you may call it, all represent and recall social experiences. Weedemojis.com is a snapshot of this developing culture and its position in social media.

An Interview with Daniel Iannotte